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KUNTA FILM SCHOOL is a project under KUNTA PRODUCTIONS dedicated to training young people hands on skills in Cinematography. 10% of our profits from each project have been dedicated to training youth under this skills project.


KUNTA PRODUCTIONS is accredited by Uganda Vocation Qualifications Framework (UVQF) as an assessment centre to conduct competence-based assessment in cinematography.


We have currently trained a total of 112 youth in Cinematography yet a scratch on the surface for the heavy Skilled Cinematographers demand in the industry. 64 of these trained youth are employed by KUNTA while the rest are working at TV stations and at personal videography businesses.

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Train and certify cinematographers

Training of over 48,000 youths within 3 years from 1 region of Uganda . All trainees are certified as fully skilled in camera work , creative production , editing , lighting ,sound and business principles in the content creation industry.

Placement of trained youth

We hire some of the trained youth and help the rest get jobs at TV stations ,other production companies and event companies.

Subsidized Equipment rent and Facility access

Giving launch pad support to the trained cinematographers through subsidized equipment rent fees and studio space .

Hiring & Placements

KUNTA Hires a percentage of these and the rest are placed at already waiting TV Stations and event companies.

Launch Pad Support

Heavily subsidized equipment Hire, Editing Computer Access, Mentorship Support and Studio Space Access

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